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This blog is written in 2012,Coach Outlet Store Onlinethe current Vito do not do Coach Shopping Mall, some of which may also be some old,Scarpe Nike Air Max Uomowe hope to be a reference ~

Saying that the United States and the United States also has a long time, thanks to Taobao this platform so that people can know us,Christian Louboutin Shoes but also because Taobao is a network platform, so this platform is full of quality products,Coach Outlet and some even almost The "Guaranteed genuine?" Almost we hear the most inquiries,Kate Spade Outletalthough very helpless, but also understand. Sometimes their own pricing when a search, found more than vito cheaper than the store, look, found a lot of flaws in the middle,North Face Outlethave heard of many large businesses and even the United States are fake and sold, because most people rarely To the detailed Kate Spade Outlet comparison, so vito hope to say Cheap Jordanshere some personal little experience, hope to be helpful to everyone ~

Supply articles

And before that AF identification paste the same, I think the distinction must be from Coach Pursesthe supply of origin, the current Coach formal channels only five: Coach boutiques,Coach Outlet Coach boutique official website (, Coach Factory Outlets factory shop, Coach factorySac Louis Vuittonshop official website (, a variety of large department stores extremely official website, Polo Outletthe last one to buy very little, and the style is the least, do not The North Face Outletdiscuss here.

among them:

Coach boutiques: sales Coach Outletseason main push style, generally we can see in the shopping malls and advertising from here,UGG Outlets the famous series of Poppy, Kristin, etc., the general price of more than 200 US dollars, the basic perennial no discount, but will Occasionally to some old Adidas Yeezycustomers coupon, such as 75 fold card

Coach boutique official website: ibid,Kate Spade Outletbut sometimes the parts will be discounted parts, such as shoes

Coach factory The North Face Jacketsshop: that is, we often say that the outlets, some of which are Outlets special contributions, the general number will start with F,North Face Outlet these models are not sold in boutiques, all prices are discounted, the general price of less than 200 dollars. Logo Adidas NMDis also a simple Coach words, will not appear Coach carriage logo Nike Air Max Shoeslook.

Coach factory official website: belong to the discount goods in the more complete supply, but not open all year round, but Yeezy Boost 350regularly open to registered users (you can control vito to invite), usually open 48 hours each time, a purchase of 10. General factory shop in addition to the above mentioned F Red Bottom Shoesfactory shop earmarked, but also sales of some season or boutiques to remove the cabinet of fine models,UGG Boots Outletwhich are often cheaper than when the time to Louis Vuitton Outletsell about half of the bag is the most cost-effective.

Taobao is currently theAdidas Outletvast majority of purchasing are the first four channels to buy. However, Coach for its purchase number also Scarpe Sportive Nike Air Max 2017has strict rules, in general, regardless of the store or the Red Bottom Shoesofficial website, one can not buy more than 10, of which five classic C Logo canvas, five other or leather bags,Adidas Yeezy Boost 350so buy a dozen Twenty packs are basically impossible, unless you hire a lot of buyers, New Jordansbut this greatly increased the cost. So first of all, the identification of the first point is the price,Coach OutletVito feel the real seller, certainly in the number and price there is a balance, there can North Face Jacketsnot be a lot of very cheap genuine appearance, unless there Air Max 90are extraordinary channels.

Also said that the price, Coach is not Adidas Originallike other things, maybe it is very off the line, in fact, whether it is official website or physical store,Christian Louboutin Shoesthe price of each package is basically a benchmark, that is,Ray Ban Outleta price of 300 packages, 100, but whether it is the physical store or official website, will strictly enforce the discount price of 100 yuan,Nike Air Max Pas Cherthere will not be a discount store suddenly 70 yuan situation,Nike Roshe Run Pas Cherso we can also identify the time according to the number of Taobao search price, although Do not rule out some sellers Nike chaussures pas cherwith several low prices to attract customers, but if the large quantities are Ray Ban Sunglassesfar below the average price and sales are not small, we must be vigilant.

Packaging articles

As Vito is currently the main Louboutin Pas Cherfactory shop discount, so the following are based on the factory shop style, boutique Burberry Outletstyle after the experience and then add it.

Coach Factory Outlets:Coach Outletfactory shop and we usually visit the same shopping malls, and then checkout, the factory shop in the F starting goods because it is special for the discount,Guess Outlet so there is no dust bag. Is such a package,Coach OutletVito get a naked package, there is no packaging, often buyers can ask a paper bag,Nike Air MaxVito's answer is that we really do not have paper bags, ah, the first time to buy a 10 package to buy 1 bag, followed by our recent Moncler Jacketsofficial website to buy more, the official website is certainly not to the bag. The The

And the store to buy, there will be a small ticket, the current Coach Red Bottom Shoesbuyers will be additional businessmen want to shop a small gift, each bag regardless of the size of the North Face Jacketscorresponding one, gift small ticket is Burberry Scarfactually a very intimate design, above All the purchase of information, but no price, indicating that foreigners are also very taboo to let the other North Face Outletsee the price of things ~ This is undoubtedly Nike Air Max Pas Chera gambling for the purchasingmen, so there are good credentials, and do not have to tell the real Tory Burch Outletprice Buyers (even if only earn a little bit, it is estimated that all buyers are not balanced inside, hey)

But now the black heart North Face Outletof the means of business more and more clever, not to say that there must be a small ticket is true,Nike Hoodies

[Vito US purchasing] Coach bag true and false to identify Michael Kors Handbagsa little personal experience ~

First of all, starting from the Coach Outlet Onlinesmall ticket itself, it should be thermal paper, the front of the Coach size Logo, the True Religion OutletVito has seen from friends over there fake small ticket. How do we want to see a Kate Spade Outletsmall ticket, to learn about it.opposite has a variety of English description, in short, is basically nothing blank, paper is thin, feeling even a little North Face Outletthrough, from top to bottom The information is: the sale of the store address and the phone (this can be found online),Red Bottom Shoesand then is the store code, registration number, salesperson name, this part we really can not tell any useful information, then then Coach Outlet Onlinelook down, The following is the main event, first of all, GIFT RECEIPT that this is a gift small ticket, and then the goods referred to Kate Spadeas "ASHLEY LTH CRYL", also wrote in the lower part of the tag. This is the name of the package abbreviation,UGG Outletsuch as the final CRYL = CARRYALL this package has the corresponding style, the general is relatively large handbag, not Mummy bag, will not be a backpack, not a messenger bag. And then a string of 88 **** 53, Vito guess the goods number of the business, for management,Coach Factory Outlet we generally do not see the number in the mall,True Religionbut because it is used for management is not used for external display, Vito think Nike Air Maxof Will it be the same as AF? Before the introduction, AF piracy is not scanning the bar North Face Outletcode, vito hand without coach fake, so I have not tried the same can not be the same as the model, if you look at the appropriate examples may wish to Air Jordan Pas Cher send a vito, In addition, the same style, with a color number of the goods should be the same code, do not worry can be found in Burberry OutletTaobao a tag to compare the look, look at the bar Red Bottom Shoescode out of the corresponding number of right And then down is the number,Michael Korscolor, the number of the. Basic lack of reference.

There are also a lot of children's shoes to ask is that the general bag inYeezy Boost 350 v2the zipper are generally under the cortex of the factory chapter, this almost every big bag will have, the Burberry Outletabove will indicate the origin, the other will Christian Louboutin Outlethave a number below, in front of the part Description of the production batch, but the specific rules of vito not yet understand, but it is certain Kate Spade Outletthat this number Red Bottom Shoesis not unique, that is, a style of the package, within the leather with the above number may be completely consistent! Because it is the same batch of production! Behind the beginning Scarpe Nike Air Maxof the F or the number, should be and small ticket, tag exactly Louis Vuitton Outletthe same.
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December 25th is Christmas Day.Tommy hilfiger outlet In most countries Nike Air Presto it is the most important day in the year. All the people come back to their homes to have the day with their parents or their children.Red Bottom Shoes On Christmas Day bells ring everywhere.Red Bottom Shoes The ringing bells tell people Christmas is coming.New Jordans People sing and dance day and night.Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 They have a good time.Kate Spade Outlet Most families buy a Scarpe Nike Air Max Uomo Christmas tree for their children.Coach Outlet Online And there are some presents hanging from the Cheap Jordans tree here and there.Yeezy Boost 350 v2 People also Red Bottom Shoes put presents in children’s stockings.Nike Air Max In many places,Coach outlet Father Christmas himself brings presents to them.Kenzo He is a kind man and in red clothes. There is a big bag on his back.Red Bottom Shoes In it there are a Coach Outlet lot of presents. True Religion Outlet  Christmas is Kate Spade Outlet also a day when people Kate Spade Outlet enjoy all kinds of food.Scarpe Sportive Nike Air Max 2017 But some poor people have no Louboutin Pas Cher homes and have no food to eat.Air Max 90 They die of cold and hunger on Christmas Day.December Nike Air Max Pas Cher 25th is Christmas,Sac Louis Vuitton celebrating Nike chaussures pas cher the birth of Jesus.Coach OutletMany people Coach Outlet Online decorate their houses with Christmas trees and lights and give presents to Cheap NBA Jerseys family members. Children hang stockings for Santa The North Face Jackets Claus to fill with gifts.Michael Kors Christmas is a federal holiday.Coach Factory Outlet The African-American holiday of Kwanza is Scarpe Nike Air Max the last week of December.The North Face Outlet Candles are lit to Nike Air Max represent Adidas Original the virtues of Yeezy Boost 350 the African-American people.Burberry Scarf Christmas is just North Face Outlet like our Spring Festival.Tory Burch Outlet Maybe the Spring Festival is much more important and interesting North Face Outlet than Christmas, but I like Christmas Day better.North Face Jackets Because we can spend time with our friends and classmates Nike Air Max Shoes during Christmas.Burberry Outlet When it is snowy,Adidas NMD Christmas becomes Coach Outlet much more lovely,Kate Spade Outlet just like in Michael Kors Handbags fairytales.UGG Outlets I can imagine I am in a fairytale,Kate Spade Outlet the girl who sold the matches is my friend,North Face Outlet the ugly duck becoming True Religion more and more beautiful and so on.Christian Louboutin Shoes What a beautiful place!Nike Hoodies So we can also call Christmas “Snowy Lovely Day.”

On Christmas Day,Isabel Marant shops are red and green.North Face Outlet There are so Coach Outlet many Christmas cards,Bape Hoodie Christmas hats, Christmas dolls and many colourful things. So shops look very beautiful.Moncler Jackets We can give a Philipp Plein card or a doll to our Louis Vuitton Outlet friends and say “Merry Christmas.” By the way,Coach Outlet I think studying can Coach Purses also become Kate Spade much more interesting.

Santa Claus The original name is Nicholas,Red Bottom Shoes in the fourth century,North Face Jackets was born in Asia Minor city of Pakistan big pull,Asics Shoes the family wealth, parents are enthusiastic Catholics, unfortunately,Polo Outlet his parents died young.Red Bottom Shoes Nicholas grew up,Ray Ban Sunglasses he gave a wealth of property,Adidas Outlet all donat ions given to the poor Acheter Philipp Plein poor people,Louis Vuitton Outlet himself a monk convent,Ray Ban Outlet dedicated to the Church, a lifetime to serve the community.Nike Roshe Run Pas Cher Nicholas was made a priest,Christian Louboutin Shoes but also was Burberry Outlet promoted to bishop.G Star Among his life has done a Christian Louboutin Outlet lot of charity work,Oakley Outlet he most likes to Adidas Yeezy secretly help the poor,North Face Outlet Santa Claus is his later alias,Air Jordan Pas Cher a name because he was secretly give money to help the three girls story.

Ushered in a winter,Coach Outlet ushered in a Christmas.Swarovski Bracelet Every time I saw the street shop in front of different Isabel Marant Shoes levels of Christmas trees, or wearing a red jacket,Burberry Outlet the statue of Santa Claus,Nike Air Max Pas Cher it will arouse North Face Outlet my memories,Ray Ban Sunglasses mind emerge that beautiful and naive fantasy remember me four That year's Christmas,Coach Outlet Store Online Mom and Dad told me that on Christmas night,Guess Outlet Santa Claus rode a small carriage into the chimney to give gifts to the good children.
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